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Share your ideas with the brightest minds of the Americas' Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


Be part of the speaker lineup at INCmty Festival 2022. We are looking for experts in topics such as:

Life & Wellbeing

Tech & Digital

Business Tools

Enhancing Life & well-being

Tech, data & digital guidance 

Affordable Business Tools

Innovative proposals for solving health-related issues, focusing on the individual and encompassing different sectors of our societies through practices that foster sustainable development, human care, and environmental protection.

Presents the evolution and transformation that can be applied to any industry, providing solutions in the creation of products and services,and building opportunities to pave the way for the future and address market interests. 

Proposes innovative practices and tools with specific functions for triggering business conversion, seeking to maintain and evolve economic empowerment, generating value for ideas, and driving companies’ growth.

  • Climate Change
  • Future of work & education
  • Food & Agro Tech 
  • Happiness & Wellbeing
  • Health & med tech
  • 2030

  • XR (RV, RA & RM)
  • Blockchain
  • Gaming & Entertainment 
  • Fintech
  • Web3
  • Digital transformation for SME´s 
  • Advertising & Brand
  • E-commerce
  • Family Entrepreneurship
  • Conscious business transformation 
  • Legal aspects 
  • Entrepreneurial tools for SME´s & founders

About INCmty Festival


We will be receiving applications from April 1st to June 1st, 2022. 

Notification of acceptance/rejection will be send to applicants by mid June 2022. 

No, there is no cost to apply. 

  • Free registration for the speaker and 1 courtesy ticket for a guest.
    (Free registration is non transferable.)
  • Green room access (for presence based modality speakers) during the festival.
  • Opportunities to grow your contact network with people from all over the world.
  • Being a speaker at INCmty, gives you exposure to a global audience.
  • A gift on behalf of INCmty. 

Proposals will only be accepted through the online form in this website during April 1st until June 1st 2022. 

This year we will have presence based and digital modality. You can submit your proposal in one of these 3 formats: 

a) Conference: A presentation about a specific topic, the delivery should be formal and structured. 

Duration: 20 minutes maximum. Participants: 1.

b) Workshop: Presentation in which you teach the audience tools, methodologies or instruments that can help them make diagnosis or analysis specific to their project or entrepreneurship. 

Duration: 20 minutes maximum. Participants: 1.


c) Bookmeeting: Presentation of your book in which you talk about the main topics  and points of said work. 

Duration: 20 minutes maximum. Participants: 1.

It would be held from Tuesday November 15 to Thursday November 17, 2022. After this date, participants would have 30 more days to watch the online content. 

A summit at INCmty is a main topic that guides the contents of the festival. Each summit has other subtopics related to the main subject that help structure these contents. 

Contents include conferences, meetups, workshops, fireside chats, among other activities held during the festival.

Since there would be an evaluating committee checking all proposals and profiles of the applicants, it's important that you share your evidence (pictures, videos or certificates) of other events you have participated in as a speaker with the objective to show you are an expert of the topic. 

Posting you proposal does not assure your participation as a speaker due to a selection process.

Once the commitee has made a decision, you would be notified for next steps. 

Step 1. Application submissions. Through the online form on this site until June 1st, 2022. 

Step 2. The Evaluating Committee will check each proposal thoroughly guided by an evaluation rubric. This Committee is constituted by experts of this year's summits. 

Step 3. Notification of elected proposals. 
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection will be send to speakers by mid to June 2022. 

Being a speaker in previous editions does not secure your participation, we have a selection process every year. 

Depending on the format, these specifications will be communicated on time to the selected speakers. 

It is a must to have an original content, different to your previous experiences. 

Yes, the following week after the festival, we grant a certificate of speaker recognition to the speaker who asks for it.